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Augmented reality Sculpture

April 10, 2008

I found this very interesting project by Pablo Valbuena. This artifact mixing a physical volumetric base (which is used as a support), with a virtual projected layer that allows controlling the transformation in space-time.” this creates wildly changing ‘shadows’ and contour lines that can be altered on the fly as a living artwork.

Augmented Sculpture Project

I am getting quite disappointed by the lack of Art in augmented reality; we could certainly say that Game is Art. Of course it is but I am thinking, hoping to find something more conceptual. A virtual fountain by R. Mutt, for example. What a disappointment, most of the websites are about the application itself and papers/essays telling fabulations about how immersive the experienced could be.
After a intensive Google search I came across the augmented Sculpture project, made I believe in 2003.
Real sculpture, modeled in 3D and bring to life in an animated sequence. The concept of taking something real and transposed in a virtual world is very attractive. In a art point of view it would have been even more appealing if the physical sculpture was created by the artist and transferred to this virtual world.

Augmented reality & virtual juggling

The project was called convergence 1.0. This performance combined two very unusual components: Juggling and informatics. There is not just element, but instead became subjects and object of the all spectacle. I think we could summarize the concept by “ What would be left of the juggling if we take away the balls?
The performance has been created in 2004. The main researches were based on the art of the movement around the juggling, and using digital as a tool. I was really absorb by the all performance, I have to say I have never paid attention in juggling before, but now I found the idea extremely original, and controversially enough very innovative.