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Augmented reality

April 2, 2008

Augmented reality and Art

Is a very interesting field to play with? Imagine a digital sculpture popping out in you mobile phone’s screen.
I looked around to see what has been done with these tools. I came across the 3D painting. This has been made with one of the Augmented Reality Toolkit. That would be a very interesting to see this tool used in a similar way in a performance show. Cannot say anymore….I think this is an idea….maybe for our final show…

Augmented reality is not very developed in Art as such (as far as I can see). However in the eventuality and possibility of a total immersion, augmented reality start to get very appealing in the game world. I came across this video, of a second Life avatar being materialized in our real world. Materialized is obviously not the right word, it is in a way still virtual, nevertheless if you were some video display glasses, I am pretty sure you think it’s right there in front of you.

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Augmented Reality Game

Top 10 augmented reality demos

This is just waow.

The Magic Book

In 2003 an amazing book has been put together with thanks to a close collaboration between artists and engineers. The “Magic Book” has been quite an innovation in the application of augmented reality technology to especially in learning/teaching process and in this case children’s literature.
This technology allows representation of still or animated sequences with sound tracks to appear “magically” in three dimensions.

I found 2 Augmented Reality Tool Kits


The first one is ArToolKit, which is fully available, and look amazing. I downloaded the Mac version and of course as usual I was getting some problems.
First with the camera, which I managed to fix by changing directory through the xcode tools. Unfortunately I was still getting an error message, which I believe was related to VRML renderer.


This one is easier to use but the Mac version is not complete. I sent an Email to one of the engineer to get the SDK version. No Reply./ However I did Have a go and play around changing data etc….It is a cool tool to use even as a demo to understand how it works.

I tried to have a Mermaid popping up. Well it is a bit white (I lost the texture, I did change the pathway on the Mti file, but still…. white). I believe the data were too heavy as I end up having faces flying away…However it does look like a…. fish of some kind. I will definitely look into it further for my final project.
The concept is very easy the webcam  “read” the tag, which is recognized by the application. The application is calling out a file which will have the information needed to link the tag to the 3d Object…Et Voila……