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3D Sculpture

March 14, 2008

Dan Collins

When I heard the word 3d Sculpture, the imae wo crossed my mind was “Twister” by Dan Collins

Or should we say the 3Dman is one of the pioneers of 3D sculpture. I particularly loved one of his self-portrait called “Twister”. The data were acquired with a Cyber ware full-body laser scanner. For the little story, Collins stood on a turntable, which was driven by his wife. This little simple touch, movements were captured during by the scan and gave this amazing and interesting distortion.

This is the 3d data gathered by the laser sc This is the final object printed layer by layer
There are some other artist out there exploring this technology creating beautifull and unusual artifacts.

Michael Rees

This artist has been exploring aesthetic vs artificial Life. One of this major piece “Putto8” appeared in every Digital Art textbooks. The first step of his worked is based on 3d modeling/animation, and then bring them to “Life” , bring then into our physical world using different media. Such as sculpture made of resin –filled plaster, or fiberglass etc…
This way of thinking, executing is very appealing. I am very fascinated by the process and the use of different material to recreate a 3d Print. I am seriously considering this concept on my final project.

Putto 22222
Black Patina on Bronze
Putto 82222 v2
Resin-filled plaster,3d print,Aluminum paint
Putto 82222

You can find an interesting paper on Putto 4

Artist statements of this 2 artists can be found o=in this website
3D sculpture – Rapid Prototyping

I came across this very interesting website: Bitforms

This is actually a gallery in New York City devoted to new media art practices. Since 2001, bitforms gallery has become a highly recognized place of exhibition for artists, curators, and collectors exploring new art forms. If I go back to New York I will definitely have a look. You can see pieces from artist such as Michael Rees, Golan Levin or even Manfred Mohr. This gallery is covering only bitforms art but any digital Art creations.