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Visit to the Limehouse

March 24, 2008

Bronze is a very appealing material; it can be very smooth and will last forever. As I don’t know anything about sculpting, casting, molding, I decided to visit and learn from professional. This foundry uses one of the oldest techniques called Lost Wax. The lost wax process is a traditional method of casting bronze sculpture, which goes back in time to something like 5000 years. It is still used today in the casting of bronze sculpture because of the ability to achieve very fine detail and deep undercuts although more modern equipment and methods are used nowadays. This little guided tour was very interesting. Unfortunately it is not something I can do at home. I have to forget about lost wax techniques due to the price, time and skills required. However there are some other ways to get some very interesting result such as cold cast.

Work on progress.

Video: Lost Wax Bronze Casting

Lost wax Bronze casting process

Cold Cast

This technique involves combining bronze powder with epoxy resin to produce a thick liquid, which is poured into a silicone mould. The result is generally quite impressive as well, but of course not as valuable