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Anaglyph art

April 21, 2008

On my last etude I decided to go back in time, and test the illusion of the anaglyph. I remember in the early 80’s the movie Jaw was broadcast using anaglyph in our French national TV, and that was quite of an experience through the eyes of a kid. But now that I have been a grown up adult for quite a while now, I am wondering if I will get as much stunned as I used to be few years ago ☺.
Before trying some tutorial to create the etude’s object, I decided to look around to see if this kid of technique has been used in Art. Of course that has been used in movies and game as well, what about the kind of piece you will see in galleries?
Quite sad I could no found much in this direction, however I did found this…

Come Closer
Come Closer is a digital installation that combines technology and collaborative interaction in an immersive audiovisual experience. The piece explores the boundaries of personal space, and allows visitors to interact and play with it. The projection is an abstract vision, a reflection of real space in a parallel world in virtual space showing each person as they move. The closer the people are getting the stronger the connection appear. The user started to use their body much more like an instrument in an artistic and collaborative way.


“Imagine flying like a bird through a musical composition that surrounds you, immerses you and reacts to your presence”
Drifnet is a convergence of two ideas.
• Fling like a bird
• Navigating through a virtual space, a musical environment
Just like a bird by moving their arms, the viewer can instinctively fly in virtual space. Here again this installation allow the user to play with his/her boy in a very artistic and aesthetic way.

this 2 pieces are from the squidsoup